How Much Should Wedding Magicians Charge?

How much should wedding magicians charge?

Having lived an breathed magic for over 40 years combined and performed at hundreds of weddings between them, The Wedding Magicians Chris and Ryan know a thing or two about how much a magician should charge.

Having a magician perform at your wedding is a mesmerising way to remember your special day, but how do you know you are getting the best deal?  How do you be sure your guests will be thoroughly entertained and you are getting the best quality for the lowest price?  Just how much should a wedding magician charge?

The quick answer is to budget for around £200 - £250 for an hours magic and £250 - £350 for two hours (prices correct May 2020).

The longer, more detailed answer is, it depends!

Where you live, how much experience the magician has, the day of the week and time of the year all impact on how much a magician will charge.

Some magicians specialise in particular routines like kids magic or mind reading. If this is your thing, be sure to factor in a little more.

Ryan The Wedding Magician Performing for a bride

Don't waste £££'s

Just like buying a car - if you are happy with any make and colour, you can really shop around until you find a real bargain. If you start to create a wishlist like alloy wheels and metallic paint, your options narrow and the price increases.

It's much the same with magicians.

If you want a particular magician to perform at your event, maybe someone you have seen on Britain's Got Talent or the magician that blew you away with crazy routines during a wedding fayre, you will understandably have to pay a little more. 

If you are happy to test out an up and coming magician with less experience you may get away with paying a little less.

That's not all though - there are many other factors which may increase the price of your wedding magician.

The wedding season is short and many wedding suppliers, including wedding magicians, have to make a living during the summer months.  As with all businesses, supply and demand plays a factor in their pricing, so expect to pay a little more June - October than during the rest of the year.

Some magicians take this a step further and charge a little extra for premium days of the week.  So, just like venues, if you want a bargain, go for the less popular Monday - Wednesday and avoid the weekends.

Keep in mind when discussing prices with wedding suppliers that they are micro-businesses and have overheads to cover like website hosting, travel and insurance.  The price you receive may seem high, but when you take out the costs there may be little or no profit left (and profit = wages)!

How much do The Wedding Magicians Charge?

That's a great question!

Chris and Ryan, your Wedding Magicians, have tried to be as open and honest as possible with their prices.  They have both worked in other industries for minimum wage so they really know the value of money and keep their prices as low as possible.

The good news is that Chris and Ryan have over 5 year's experience performing at weddings all over the country, but they are not as expensive as you think.

Every wedding is slightly different, your circumstances are unique and we have so many options, it would be impossible for us to list them all here.  The best way is to send to get in touch and let us know exactly what you are are after, so we can be open and honest about how much it will cost.