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The Wedding Magicians

The very BEST close-up magicians in Essex!

Chris Campos

Chris is a natural born storyteller and has spent a lifetime dreaming up the most intriguing magical routines.


His relaxed and confident presentations perfectly complement cocktail parties and champagne receptions.


Constantly challenging himself with the highest possible standards, Chris is a proud member of the prestigious Magic Circle.


An award winning magician, he has been a professional for nearly 5 years, dazzling people at 100s of weddings all over the UK.

Ryan Young

Born with a huge grin on his face, everyone instantly falls in love with Ryan. 


A cheeky and fun chap, there is nothing Ryan loves more than reading your mind and making you laugh while he is doing it.


A member of Equity, an award winner and even appearing on TV, Ryan doesn’t stop in his pursuit of top quality magic. 


Endlessly practising, researching and developing new ideas, his visually appealing magic has to be seen to be believed!